Welcome to the home page of ELDI , a South African artists with many talents form Music, singing to drama.

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I am a qualified music teacher who studied music for four years. I only have a limited amount of slots available.

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Born in Vaalwater, Limpopo Province, South Afruca She wanted to become a singer from the age of 5 , In 2013 she achieved Springbok Colours (South African National Colours) Representing  the South African team to sing in L A in 

The World Championchips of Performing Arts and aquiring 4th place in Opera out of 52 Countries competing.

From 2006 to 2014  she won  the National Gala competitions, she Matriculated  in 2014 at CVO Gromer High School . She studdied Music at N.W.U  P U K K E  and in 2016  as member of Aujord'hui  she won  the P U K K E  talent Festival.

In 2017 she won You're The Voice at Barnyard Vereeniging, Gauteng South Africa


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